Monday, December 21, 2020

Twelfth Night - Acts 3 - 5

 Please complete your reading and/or viewing of Twelfth Night. Notice how the attached performances stage the play. It's important to remember that what you THINK your play is going to look like, might not look ANYTHING LIKE the play you imagine. This is due to the fact that a director and actors will bring different talents and artistic perspective to a play. What you're writing when writing a play is creating the outline of a live experience.

As we view today, follow along (even with the script in hand) and enjoy the performances of Stephen Fry (Malvolio) and Mark Rylance (Olivia)--two famous British actors, in The Globe Theater's 2002 production of 12th Night. Wherever we end our class today, please complete Twelfth Night and answer the following questions (to turn in as participation credit) [Answer both!] A. Identify (specifically) what happens by the END of the play for each of these characters. Do they deserve this ending?: 1. Viola/Cesario 2. Sebastian 3. Sir Toby Belch 4. Antonio 5. Malvolio B. What did you learn about playwriting from reading/viewing Twelfth Night? (for full credit, please be specific!) [Consider: plot, character, theme/idea, dialogue/monologue (language), spectacle/theatrical conventions, music...]

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