Monday, August 31, 2009

Playwriting Course Syllabus

Course Description:
During this course students will gain experience writing in the dramatic genre. This course focuses on writing for the stage while the second half of this course, *film studies, will focus on screen writing. Students will explore the dramatic genre by reading and viewing representative works by noted playwrights. These works will serve as a source of style and technique for the student in crafting his or her own writing and as a source of themes or issues to be explored. Students will workshop and revise their own plays. Ambitious students may have their final polished scripts produced in public readings. This year we will be working closely with SOTA’s Improv group to study skit and long-form improvisational writing.

Course Objectives:
• Students will gain a greater understanding of the requirements of the dramatic form
• Students will experience the role of the playwright in the collaborative art of theatre
• Students will write using the proper script format to create a variety of plays, scripts, short scenes and monologues
• Students will read, discuss, and analyze a variety of plays from established playwrights
• Students will read and act in staged readings of other students’ work
• Students will build writing skills in the areas of dialogue, characterization, plot, setting, etc.
• Students will experience the collaborative art of theatre with various Improv shows

Course Requirements:
• Participate in class assignments, readings and projects
• Keep a folder for handouts/work in progress/writing exercises
• Keep a writer’s portfolio of all completed and revised work
• Keep a playwriting journal or writing notebook for writing assignments and practices
• Communicate regularly and effectively with the teacher and peers
• Engage in the complete writing process
• Participate in writer’s workshops
• Attend school theatre and art/writing events
• Respect the rules and procedures of the school and classroom
• Read and write passionately, creatively and artistically!

Course Evaluation:
50% Portfolio, Journal, Writing assignments (scenes, monologues, plays, adaptations, journal, exercises, essays, etc.)
25% Test & Quizzes
25% Participation, attendance, effort, behavior, homework

Long Range Curriculum:
1st term: Introduction to playwriting; the one-act play form
2nd term: Development of the dramatic genre; the full length play form
3rd term: Full length play form (cont.); Improv Show featuring playwrights; final assessment

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Academic Year!

Our new academic year will begin with Playwriting in room A239 on September 2. The course syllabus will be posted September 1. See you soon!

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