Monday, December 21, 2020

More Playwriting Advice

Continue to write your play drafts. Here's some advice. Remember: if you get stuck, check out the previous resource pages with lots of tips and motivational videos.

People tell stories all the time. Look for them and you'll soon start spotting them everywhere, from newspapers to snatches of overheard conversation. Remember: you want to try to tell an interesting story with interesting characters talking about or dealing with interesting situations and subject matter. • Ask yourself what your story is (what is the premise and major dramatic question?) You could try summarising it in a sentence or two and sticking it by your desk, so you can keep it in mind. • Get into the habit of writing. If you're short on time, try writing little but often. A beat is the perfect size to keep moving your scenes forward! • Overwrite, then cut. Try to avoid cutting during the writing of your 1st draft. • Some writers tend to write subconsciously, some tend to plan more. Do whatever works for you. • Give your main character obstacles to overcome. Your characters should have objectives. He/she should have changed by the end of the play (dynamic characters!); review the roles we discussed. If you have a minor character identify the kind of role they fulfill in your story: messenger/herald, confidante/ally, foil, antagonist, allegorical, etc. • What are your characters' goals and objectives? These might change from beat to beat, scene to scene, or act to act. • Make your characters extraordinary or larger than life in some way. Remember: characters REPRESENT reality, they are NOT real. Have them take risks! • Think about the subtext of your dialogue and remember that people often don't say what they want to say - or they often say the opposite of what they think. Don't forget what we discussed as theatrical conventions!
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