Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Glass Menagerie Scrapbook Character Project

This morning, please continue to work with your group during period 1 to complete your character project. You should have chosen a character from scenes 1-5: Amanda, Laura, or Tom. Together, in your group, create a "scrapbook" entry for that character.

Find 5 lines of dialogue from scenes 1-5 to support your choices for your artistic design.

Then, working alone (by yourself), choose another or different character from scenes 6-7: Amanda, Laura, Tom, or The Gentleman Caller, and choose one of the following creative tasks to complete for your group's scrapbook:

  • a journal entry (about a page or two)
  • a diary entry (about a page or two)
  • a series of tweets (at least 10 tweets)
  • a series of emails (at least 5 email entries--about a page or two)
  • a facebook page* (this should be designed to look like one, it doesn't have to be a real page, although you can set one up if you'd like)
  • a blog (with at least 3 entries or short posts)
  • a music-cd (of at least 3 songs, and a short 1-3 sentence explanation about why the song is on the CD)
  • a short documentary film (:30 seconds-2 minutes in length)
  • a photo album (with at least 5 pictures with a short 1-3 sentence explanation about why these pictures are important or significant to that character)
  • a short home video (:30 seconds-2 minutes in length)
  • a sketch book (including at least 3 sketches)
  • a drawing or comic book page (for example a page from Comic Life)
  • a podcast (:30 seconds-2 minutes in length)
  • other ideas (talk to me about your ideas!)

IMPORTANT: Each individual art project should have at least 3 lines of dialogue from scenes 6-7 that help define the choices you are making artistically for your character. You will be adding this part of the project to your collaborative group project entry.

This means your completed group project will have the single collaborative entry and up to 5 other elements to it (one project per member of your group): a journal entry, a diary entry, a series of tweets, a series of emails, a facebook page, a blog, a music-cd, a short film/home movie, a photo album, a sketchbook or comic book page, a podcast, etc.

You may help each other in your groups to complete this assignment.

HOMEWORK: Complete your project and reading the play. There will be a test next class on it. Also, please bring in an OBJECT or prop or keepsake that one of the characters you chose from the play would find important to keep. We will hold a "show and tell" event next class.

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