Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Greek Theater: Day 2; Readings/Writings

During first period, please spend your time with your group reading and discussing the Greek play you have chosen to read: The Bacchae, Medea, or Antigone.

For extra credit (if you want it) you can read any of the other plays on your own that you did NOT choose. You will be asked to identify Aristotle's 6 parts of a play in a short 400-500 word review to gain this extra credit. This is an on-going bonus for this marking period (but I wouldn't put it off if you want to do it...more plays on the horizon...)

During period 2, please return to the lab to work on your Greek Theater project.

HOMEWORK: Finish reading your chosen play, if you did not complete it in class. Continue writing your Greek Theater project (this is due next class, after 1st period).

For the curious: 
the grisly last episode of The Bacchae
the Creon & Medea (Judith Anderson) episode of Medea
an Pilot Theater's updated version of Antigone

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