Thursday, October 17, 2013

MODULES DUE: End of Marking Period

The end of the marking period is tomorrow.

Modules 0 & 1 are due by end of day tomorrow (11:59). Please use the time given to you in the lab to complete these assignments. NOTE: you will not be able to move on to Module 2 (the history of theatre) until you complete the monologue assessment (lesson 01.08).

Again, below this post please read about and learn the specific plotting vocabulary. I don't want to give you a unit test today because I want you to be able to complete your modules. Some of you may find that as you are falling behind schedule, that homework is, particularly for you, a requirement.

Please read and note the vocabulary in the post below. You may also use this time to read Prometheus Bound, as you will need to complete this play script for the beginning of our next module.

HOMEWORK: Please read the chapter "Structure, Part One: Story and Plot" and be able to identify and explain the terms listed. Read Prometheus Bound and complete the analysis sheet for the play.

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