Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scenario & Vampire Lesbians of Sodom

Please turn in your homework. See previous post for details.

During period 1, we will complete our reading of Vampire Lesbians of Sodom.

In the lab: 

Try one of these exercises. Create a scenario for one of these options:

1.  Use the charts you and your group created last class: choose a setting, time period, a secret, a name or two. Create a message to send to the world through this play. Then create!

2. Choose a historical figure and one of the types of comedy. Mash the two things together. Perhaps King Tut is going out on his first date with his sister? or Shakespeare finds himself trapped in an absurdist situation. Pick a historical character, choose a genre and think about the possibilities!

3. Create characters based on old Commedia Dell'Arte or pantomime plays (see below), but update them for today's contemporary audience.

4. Play around with the idea of cross-dressing. Consider the types of comedy. Come up with situations and reasons why a girl dresses like a guy or a guy dresses like a girl.

A scenario, might I remind you, has the following information:
1. A working title (check your titles file)
2. Character list (with names and 1-2 sentence description)
3. Divide your play into breaks. Will this be a full length (2-act play)? Or will it be a long one act? Will it have more than one scene?
4. Write a SUMMARY description of each scene or act. Remember to consider premise, major dramatic questions (MDQ), plot structure: exposition, inciting action, rising action, crisis, dark moment, climax, enlightenment, denouement, resolution, etc., theme, and genre (comedy, tragedy, drama, absurdist, etc.)
Turn in your scenario by end of class today.

HOMEWORK: Please read any ONE play by Charles Busch in the collection you have.

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