Monday, November 5, 2012

Missing Homework

Just a reminder that many of you have been missing homework assignments. Check blog posts regularly (even if you are absent!)

Homework (so far): '
1. Please read the article on Play Development. Identify ONE thing that you think is important for you to learn from this article about workshopping a play. Write this one thing on paper and hand in. Post assigned Oct. 12; due Oct. 19.
2. Please read the chapter handout and answer the questions about scenarios. In your JOURNAL or notebook, begin a "titles" page as illustrated in the chapter. You will be able to use this "titles" page for both Contemporary Writers and Playwriting. (Oct 21 post assigned; due Oct. 23)
3. Please read and watch John Guare's "The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year." Compare the reading to the performance. Would John Guare be pleased with the production? Why or why not?(Oct 23 post assigned; due Oct 25)
4. Use the time in lab today to rewrite your play (or plays). Create a second draft. (Oct 23 post assigned; due Oct. 25/Oct. 26/Nov. 1)
5. Read and write a one-sentence summary of each article and 1 important fact or detail you think is essential or interesting): An article about cross-dressing and theatre,  and pantomime, commedia dell'arte, Charles Busch's Introduction (ix-xix) 
6. Please read any ONE play by Charles Busch in the collection you have. Forum post due Nov. 8.

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