Monday, December 6, 2010

Reminders: Coffee House

There is a coffeehouse this Wednesday at 7:00 in the Ensemble Theatre. This is a free event. If you go and read one of your poems or short stories, you will get extra credit for this class.

Also: please remember to read the previous posts. The homework (reading one other Charles Busch play) should be done. You may select any of the remaining plays to fulfill this requirement. You will be asked to write a critique of this play.

A play critique is made up of the following parts: a summary of the play and a reaction or analysis of its social worth.

Here's an example about how to write a critique.
And some examples/models: New York Times Theater Critiques.

Here's some advice when writing a critique.
Here's an outline concerning how to write the critique. You should replace the ACTING paragraph with CHARACTERS since you are not watching the play.

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