Friday, December 10, 2010

Play Projects

Please work on the following today:

1. A 10-minute historical play; a one-act historical play; a full-length historical play. Conduct research as appropriate, but don't spend too much time in lab researching at this point. Get your ideas together (see previous notes)and begin writing.

2. A theatre review for one of the plays in Charles Busch's collection & a theatre review for The Piano Lesson. Each review should be about 5 paragraphs.

Instead of discussing the PRODUCTION, you are reviewing the TEXT/SCRIPT. For example: instead of special effects, tech, and set--write about the setting, the stage directions, and how easily or difficult the play could be staged. What kind of theater would be needed to stage the production, for instance, and explain your reason.

Alternatively, instead of the ACTING, discuss character. Instead of DIRECTION, discuss theme. Otherwise, the handout I gave you can be helpful in focusing your response. Look at the THEATRE REVIEWS and material POSTED BELOW! Yes, actually read a few sample models to get the gist.

None of these projects are due yet, but if the class as a whole is not working in the lab, the assignments will be due very soon as I assume you are done.

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