Monday, September 6, 2010

Jane Martin & Talking With

Please turn in a copy of your homework (the monologue we started last class) today.

Before we begin taking a look at the play Talking With, please read about Jane Martin here.

Now, in groups of 1-4 please read the play Talking With out loud with your group (or silently if you are alone). As you read, pay attention to how the playwright engages the audience and tells an interesting story that develops the single speaking character.

As you read, please stop at the following pages/monologues and view them together in your group. Discuss how performances help or harm the text before you move on.

Audition (monologue, page 25-27)
Here's another version. This one uses nice camera work, although cuts part of the monologue text. Please view it here.

French Fries (monologue, page 61-63)

If you don't finish the play today in class, please watch "Marks" here. The sound isn't great on this one, but for some of you, it is better than reading it out loud.

Once you have completed the play, please answer the questions posted on the blog entry below. These questions can be done in your group (make sure you put everyone's name on a single answer sheet) or alone and turned in today or first thing on Thursday.

HOMEWORK: Complete Talking With. Then follow these directions for MONOLOGUE #2.
1. Find a picture. This can be one of you, your family, or anything else (for example from a magazine or newspaper). Make sure there is a person in the picture.
2. Either create a monologue from the POV of the pictured person, or from the character viewing the picture (as if in that space).
3. Develop your character. Make up details and back story as you see fit. Your monologue should be at least 3 or more paragraphs.

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