Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting Into Character, Monologue Project, For Colored Girls

The first 15 minutes of class today, please read the article: "Getting Into Character" and answer the following questions to hand in at the end of 15 minutes.

1. What's in a character? What should a playwright include in his/her character building to make a "good character"?

2. According to the article, most characters come from what primary source?

3. What basic traits should a playwright include when creating a character?

4. Why should a playwright avoid stereotypical characters?

After this time, please spend some time considering this advice about creating characters. Then use the next 10-15 minutes in class working on your monologue projects. If you have finished writing a monologue, create a second one or go back and add details, revise, and edit the first draft.

Remember: This is an on-going project. Doing a little at a time will complete the project by the deadline.

Period 2: At the end of period 1, we will be going to the textbook room to get the Choreopoem: For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. When we return to this clas, we will begin reading it together.

HOMEWORK: Please complete the play For Colored Girls. Expect a test on the play for Friday.

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