Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What on Earth Gave You That Idea? - collecting ideas for plays

In groups of 1-3, please read and take notes on the article "What on Earth Gave You That Idea?" (Handout). Please take turns reading paragraphs or divide the work up. You are responsible for knowing the entire article, however, so please read it. Stop when you get to the top of page 6 and the heading "Is the Idea Half-full or Half-Empty".

You should, after reading the article, be able to define the term: Premises, answer: What kinds of experience help us come up with ideas, Give a few examples where ideas come from, define philosophy, and explain how emotion helps guide a playwright. Keep these notes in your journal/notebook for a test later.

After reading pages 1-6 with your group, spend another few minutes discussing and listing ideas for plays. Ask yourself: Where can I get a few ideas? What can I write about? What am I passionate about? What would others like to see? Make a list of play ideas in your journal/notebook.

Then wait for further instructions.

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