Friday, September 11, 2009

Talking With... by Jane Martin

Today, we are going to check out Jane Martin's play Talking With from the library. After we return from checking out the script, get into groups of 1-3 and read the play.

As you read, answer the following questions (write them out to hand in by next class):

1. What did you think about the play? Did it surprise you or please you or frustrate you? Explain why you reacted to the play in this way.

2. What is the premise of "Talking With"? In a sentence or two, explain what you think the premise of the play is.

3. The "audience" for each character changes as the play continues. How does the author help a viewer or reader understand who the character in question is "talking with..."? Overall, by the end of the play, who do you think the playwright Jane Martin is "Talking with...?" Support your opinion.

4. Choose your favorite monologue from the bunch. Explain what you liked most about this monologue and then analyze its structure. (How does Martin move from a beginning to an end? What is the central conflict of the scene? How is character revealed?)

Please complete "Talking With" for homework, if you do not complete the play in class. The handwritten questions are due next class: 9/15.

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