Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Night Mother

We are going to read Night Mother today.

1. Go to the library and pick up a copy of Marsha Norman's play Night Mother.

2. Get into groups of 3.

3. Each member of the group should read aloud, playing the part of Jessie, Mama, or the Stage Directions.

4. As you read, discuss as a group the following:

--The inciting incident
--Conflict (conflict needs to include a character's desire/goal + obstacle = conflict)
--The rising action (what is at stake for the characters; how does this change or not change?)
--The crisis (or dark moment)
--The climax
--The resolution
--What TRUTH is Marsha Norman dealing with in the play?
--The Unities: how does Marsha Norman keep the play going for so long with just one set and two characters? What tactics do her characters use to keep each other on stage?
--What kind of catharsis do you experience as a reader?

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