Sunday, September 29, 2019

Oleanna: Day 2; David Ives

Playwrights can take their ideas directly from what is happening in contemporary society. Oleanna is a good example of how what is going on in our country, our communities or our lives can inspire the premise of a play. Often, plays deal with conflict and issues that are often overlooked or are politically charged or controversial.

This morning, please take 5 minutes to research the following:
From Theater Critic, Frank Rich: "Oleanna ... is an impassioned response to the Thomas hearings. As if ripped right from the [headlines], it could not be more direct in its technique or more incendiary in its ambitions. In Act I, Mr. Mamet locks one man and one woman in an office where, depending on one's point of view, an act of sexual harassment does or does not occur. In Act II, the antagonists, the middle-aged university professor, and the undergraduate student return to the scene of the alleged crime to try to settle their case without benefit of counsel, surrogates or, at times, common sense."

We will continue our reading of Oleanna today.

Period 2:

If we finish Oleanna, let's look at David Ives collection of plays. We'll start with "Sure Thing"--a short one-act based on an improv game, with the contemporary issue of dating. Please read the other plays by David Ives in the packet on your own (see homework!)

You can find out more information about David Ives at this link.

HOMEWORK: Please read the plays in the packet by David Ives. Be prepared to be tested on this material on Monday. Look up information and take notes about the playwright David Ives at the link above. Some of this material will be on your quiz.

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