Thursday, December 15, 2016

Play Projects; Titus (conclusion); Twelfth Night (Act One)

1st Period: Lab.

Please continue working on your play projects.

At 8:00, please go to the library to pick up Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

2nd Period (after library): Please complete our viewing of Titus. We are watching the 5th act.

The structure of a Shakespearean play (most 5 act plays) is:

ACT ONE: Exposition, Inciting incident, Major Dramatic Question is introduced, sometimes the protagonist has made a Major Decision. Often a complication occurs to disrupt the status quo.
ACT TWO: Rising Action, Complication(s), Establishment/development of the Major Conflict, sometimes the protagonist has made a Major Decision. Introduction to sub plot (minor plot).
ACT THREE: Crisis or Turning Point, Dark Moment, Major Decision.
ACT FOUR: Enlightenment, development or Resolution of minor plots.
ACT FIVE: Final climax, Resolution of minor and major plots, falling action. Major Dramatic Question is answered.

As we read Twelfth Night in class (and as you read Twelfth Night at home), keep track of these events. Find the page # and line #'s that can support your findings.

HOMEWORK: Please read ACT ONE of Twelfth Night. Find examples (lines from the text) that support the EXPOSITION (who's who, setting/location, situation--events that happened in the past before the play begins, etc.), INCITING INCIDENT, and consider what the audience might want to know by the end of ACT ONE in the way of a MDQ (Major Dramatic Question). 

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