Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Quiz: Acts 1 & 2 of Ghosts; Act 3 of Ghosts; Play Project

After our quiz on acts I & II of Ghosts and Henrik Ibsen, let's read Act III together in class. Any time remaining will be devoted to the play project.

HOMEWORK: Please read The Master Builder on your own. Please write a 300-500 word play critique to be turned in either before or after break. If you turn it in by Tuesday end of day you will have no homework over break (apart from working on your play projects). Otherwise, please plan to complete and turn in by January 6 (Wednesday).

For help writing a play critique, please check out these links:
(NOTE: You should replace the analysis of ACTING paragraph with CHARACTERS since you are not watching the play. Talk about the effectiveness of the characters or their roles in the play.)

We will be watching Ibsen's play Hedda Gabler in class on Monday. 

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