Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wait Until Dark; Prop Scene

Period 1: Please get into groups of 3-4 and read the first scene of Wait Until Dark. As you read, notice how the setting helps create the mood and how the characters interact with it.

Setting is not just TIME, but LOCATION, weather, season, and, in plays: props. Notice what props are used in the scene and for what purpose. What props do each of the characters have in their possession in this scene?

Period 2: In the lab, write a short scene in play format (for play format please refer to the handout) where an OBJECT (prop) plays an important role in the action of the scene. Use what you've read today as inspiration perhaps. If you can't think of a prop, list objects in the setting until you find one that holds some significance.


  • Choose a WHERE from your settings list
  • Choose 1-3 WHO's (characters) from your character list
  • Choose a WHAT or major event for your scene from your list
  • Choose a prop or object to be a talking point in the scene
  • Write
HOMEWORK: Please remember to arrive in the Commons at the beginning of period 3 with a bagged lunch, and clothing appropriate to our field trip.

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