Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Come to the Water...; Short Play Project

Let's chat a moment about our progress during the first few minutes of class.

After our chat and jigsaw of an article on Realism, please use 1st period to complete your assignments in eLearning. Try to FINISH these lessons by Wednesday, Nov. 13. Anything not completed in class today, should be done as homework and completed on your own time for this class. Working at our own pace has only slowed us down so much that I have to step in and change tactics.

During period 2, please work with a partner or alone. Write a short play (up to 10 pages in length, but at least 1 full page in length):

Consider using Google Docs if you are working with a partner so that you both can work and revise your play script.

Work together to:
1. Brainstorm a theme and a message. If you could leave the world with some bit of advice about living, what would it be? What is important for the world to hear from your pen? Remember that plays occur on a stage with live actors and a live audience. There's a lot of flexibility here, but you should consider the limitations of this kind of art form.
2. Write a short premise. A 1-sentence statement about what your play is about. Complete this line: "My (our) play is about ... "
3. Create a title page with a cast of characters. Have no more than 5 characters in your short play. You should have more than 1. For each character, write a short 1-2 sentence description, or choose the WHO from the exercises you wrote in module 0 & 1 or in your journal. You may add to this instead of planning it all out in advance. You should at least know your protagonist and antagonist.
4. Create a setting. Indicate TIME and PLACE.
5. Writing in play script format, please write a short 1-10 minute play with your partner. Help each other get unstuck. Help each other come up with ideas. Help each other with grammar and format. Help each other to keep writing and staying on task.
6. You should consider the concepts we have been discussing in class about play structure. For example, consider your own play's: Major dramatic question, complication, crisis or turning point, your protagonist(s) dark moment and enlightenment, the climax and resolution of your play/scene.
7. When you have completed your work, please title and proofread your work. Then turn it in. Your play script is due FRIDAY, NOV. 15.
You can write anything you want. Just write. Tell a story. If you complete this assignment you will receive a passing score of at least 70% for it.

HOMEWORK: Reminder that we are meeting in the Commons at 9:30 sharp tomorrow for our field trip. Those of you who have turned in your permission slip at this point (deadline today) are cleared to attend. If you did not complete your paperwork for the field trip, I'm sorry, I cannot take you.

If you are going to the play, please read the handout on the play. Bring a bagged lunch tomorrow and weather appropriate clothing for walking to the theater.

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