Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Cherry Orchard: Acts III & IV

Today in class we will complete our viewing of The Cherry Orchard. Next class we will have a short marking period quiz that will cover the following material:

Anton Chekhov, Constantine Stanislavski, The Moscow Art Theatre, subtext, the building blocks of dialogue, play tips, play length: the ten minute versus the one-act, the one-act versus the full length: two act, three act, four act play, play development (handout), the scenario, Charles Busch, cross-dressing in the theater, commedia dell'arte, theatrical genres: realism, drama, tragedy, sentimental comedy, farce, dark comedy, situational comedy, satire or parody, working with actors and the play reading experience, rewriting, etc.

You should also be familiar with the terms: the premise, the event (9/26), major decision, protagonist, antagonist, major dramatic question (MDQ), inciting incident, conflict, crisis, complication, dark moment, enlightenment, the three unities of time, place, action, verisimilitude, Aristotle and the six parts of a play: plot, character, theme or idea, music, spectacle, language or diction, catharsis, the trap, the time lock, Sarcey's principle of offstage action, the scenes, acts, beats, and so on.

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