Monday, October 1, 2012

Play Work & The Book of Liz (part one)

Today for the first period, please continue to write your scenes/plays. Now that you have designed your plot, consider using the techniques covered in class in your script (check your reading or the blog posts below if you don't know what these terms mean):

1. The Premise
2. The Major Dramatic Question (MDQ)
3. The inciting incident
4. The major decision
5. Conflict, crisis, complication
6. the rising action
7. The dark moment
8. The enlightenment
9. The climax
10. The catharsis

These 10 items constitute the standard formula for playwriting.

During the 2nd half of our class, we will go next door to read Amy and David Sedaris' The Book of Liz as you are reading please identify these 10 standards of playwriting. See handout.

HOMEWORK: If you are far behind us, please work on your play. Additionally, please read the handout which will conclude our analysis of plot and story structure. It is important for you to learn these key terms and concepts, look for them in others writing, so you can see them in your own writing. We will cover these concepts next class.

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