Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One-Act Play Script - Draft & Sister Mary Ignatius

Today please work toward an ending of your one-act plays. Your scripts are a draft and will be workshopped and revised. Plays should be longer than a 10-minute play script (about double or triple) and include at least 2-scenes. If you finish today, please print and turn in your draft. Check your proper play script formatting first!

Play drafts are due Tuesday, Nov. 30, so if you don't finish today, please take the script file home with you and complete for next class.

HOMEWORK: Complete one-act play. Read: Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You. This play (although it doesn't have conventional scene breaks) can be broken into three distinct parts. As you read or watch, note where these scenes occur and how smooth the transition is between part one, two, and three of the play.

Sister Mary Ignatius - Part 1
Sister Mary Ignatius - Part 2
Sister Mary Ignatius - Part 3

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