Friday, October 22, 2010

Workshop 10-Minute Plays

During the year we will be entering 10-minute play contests and some of these plays might be produced in our own Playwrights' Festival in March. Before that happens, our scripts have to be the best that they can be.

Today, get into the following groups and analyze the following scripts. For each script, please fill out a rubric and make a few comments about what you thought about the play. Do you think actors would like it? Do you think a director would like it? Do you think an audience would like it? And give a reason why. If there are issues that the playwright needs to know, please list these as well:

Group A: Justice, Khari, Wade, Shayla, Jerry

Group B: Brianna, Victoria, Alaina, Marissa, Alex

Group C: Valerie, Whitney, Adeline, Ledibel, Zach, Monica

Group D: Aubrey, Kennethea, Jenee, Nautica, Tashae

I will collect the workshop forms at the end of the workshop. This is counted as participation credit.

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