Monday, November 30, 2009

Full Length Scenario - Due today!

Today, your full length absurdist scenario is due. As mentioned below:

Your scenario needs to include:
a. a working title
b. a place
c. a setting (description of)
d. a time
e. a cast of characters. Each character should have a brief description or goal in mind.
f. a list of possible acts
g. a list of possible scenes
h. a breakdown of each scene (or act) and which characters are involved and what their action might be in that scene. (Please break your scenes or acts down into rough French scenes--see below). You will notice that in a treatment or scenario, the author should suggest and plan out his/her plot. For our purposes, please include information about what the play is going to be about (a rough description). Do not panic. You do not have to have all the little details determined yet. You should, however, have a good idea what you want your play to be about.

Remember that nothing is set in stone. Anything can change during the writing process. You will, however, need to have a plan to write a longer work.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not necessarily going to write this play. You will have a final choice soon as to which script you'd like to complete.

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